Hero to Zero – The journey back

Is this me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so 38 years in the police and an all encompassing fast exciting job to nothing but peace, quiet and BORDOM, so what do I do now ……….

Everybody want to be a ‘hero’ do well for other, feel great about themselves and being part of the emergency services more often than not makes you feel on top of the world and a hero,even if it’s in your own lunch box.

But then there are the days when your not a hero and not feeling good about anything, especially yourself, everyone and everything gets on your nerves, makes you annoyed, makes you want to shout and lock yourself away – why does no one listen to me !!!!!!

Why did I have to leave my job, who cares what happens next, the caring world of the welfare department, here is your long service certificate, thanks for nothing- whatever your name was !!!!!

​Now I can do something to help others with my skills and vast experience in the world of managing trauma, removing fear and phobias. Releasing stress, anxiety and pent up emotions, don’t live in a world that controls your destiny, step outside and control your own destiny.

​Thought of the day – “live your life’ you only have one chance.

Let me show you how to change you life around and make the best of the future with you in control.